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Steve Owst

So, I have to confess something...I am NOT a green thumb. In fact, I'm more like a black thumb. If there's a plant that needs to be killed, I'm your guy. But don't worry, I'm not alone in this. My garden is filled with weeds and grass (which I'm surprisingly good at growing). I did manage to get some flowers in there, but let's be honest, it was by accident.

Now, I could have tried to grow some plants from seeds in the garden, but who am I kidding? I know myself too well. I would have given up after a few days when I didn't see any progress. So, instead, I turned to hydroponics. That's right, I'm going to be an indoor gardener!

It all started when we visited our daughter and son-in-law and saw their AeroGarden Harvest. It was like a plant paradise in their house. So, we did what anyone would do, we googled it. And let me tell you, it was a match made in gardening heaven.

This thing grows veggies, herbs, and flowers FIVE TIMES FASTER than soil. Plus, there's no mess because there's no soil! And get this, it has up to 12" of grow height, so you can even grow tomatoes! The best part? It's super easy to use. There's a control panel that reminds you when to add water and plant food.

And don't worry, everything you need is included. It's like a one-stop-shop for all your gardening needs. Oh, and did I mention that the electricity cost is only 85 cents a month? I could go on, but you get the idea. This thing is a game-changer.

So, we ordered our unit on Amazon (thank goodness for Prime) and it arrived in just a few days. We're excited to see what kind of plant magic we can make happen!


As we eagerly opened the box, we were delighted to find all the necessary equipment packed neatly inside. The star of the show, the AeroGarden Harvest, was nestled safely within the packaging. And that's not all - we were thrilled to discover a pack of 6 gourmet herbs, 6 plant holders and 6 covers all waiting for us inside. These covers looked like tiny futuristic spaceships, but we soon learned that they were in fact little incubation chambers for the plants. To top it all off, there was even an instruction manual and plant food included - we were all set!


Hold on to your hats folks, we have liftoff! The hydroponic garden is starting to grow! It's like watching a magical land of greenery come to life in our kitchen. The once barren unit is now filled with tiny sprouts of herbs reaching towards the light. We can't believe it actually worked!

It's been a week since we turned it on and we are already seeing results. The basil and thyme are growing like wildfire and the cilantro is not far behind. The parsley and chives are also making an appearance, but the dill seems to be taking its sweet time.

We are so excited to see what the next few weeks will bring. Who knows, maybe we will have a whole farm growing right in our kitchen. The future is looking bright (and very green)!


Who would have thought that we could become such successful gardeners? Well, not us! But with the power of hydroponics, we are now growing our own herbs and vegetables like a bunch of pros. We've got sprouts popping up left and right, and every day is a new adventure in our little indoor garden.

Our AeroGarden Harvest is the star of the show, with its high-tech control panel and fancy little plastic domes creating perfect little homes for our plants. And let's not forget about the crazy-bright light that makes us feel like we're living in a sci-fi movie.

Now, we're not saying that we're ready to start a farm or anything, but we're definitely feeling confident in our abilities to keep our little garden growing. Who knows, maybe we'll even start selling our produce and become the next big thing in the local farmer's market scene.

But for now, we're just enjoying the process and taking it one sprout at a time. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our hydroponic journey and watch our plants grow bigger and bigger each day!

As promised, here are a few updates.

One week in

This next photo is after 3 weeks, from here on it's constant trimming and lots of fresh Basil etc.  It was amazing how quick and easy this was.


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