Birding Binoculars

Steve Owst

When choosing birding as a hobby there are a couple of things that you need right from the start.  Number one would have to be a love of birds and the outdoors. Of course, patience is a good virtue to have as well and I would say running a very close second would have to be a good pair of binoculars.  Agreed, binoculars are not 100% essential --  personally I often take my camera ahead of mine and some people use spotters -- but generally speaking a pair of binoculars would be right up there.

I like to speak from experience. My wife and I always go out together; she spots and I have the camera with the big lens.  Lately I will also be seen with the binoculars around my neck as well.  In the words of Sean O'Connell "If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don't like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it."  It's those times when I put the camera down, grab the binoculars and just stay in the moment.

I'm not here to review binoculars as I don't have the technical skill set to do so but just like red wine, I know what I like.  I know what works for me, and that experience also extends to what happens if I break them.

Of course, we are also a store and as such promote certain products but as I said I will only blog about things I have first hand experience of. 

Our preferred lenses for our binoculars are 10 x 42. For those of you new to this, let me explain what that means.  It's quite simple really. The 10 simply means that a picture seen through the binocular lens will appear 10 times more magnified or closer than as you see it with your naked eye.  But what about the 42?  Well that refers to the lens diameter: in this case 42 mm.  When comparing binoculars think of the second number in terms of how much light is let in. Obviously a bigger number lets in more light but at a slight cost in weight and dollars of course.

So enter stage left -- the Bushnell Trophy 10 x 42 waterproof binoculars.  

My wife was using hers for about a year before I decided to get a pair for me as well. I can honestly say that these binoculars are great.  They are armor-plated, waterproof, fog proof and super bright.  Is it sounding like an advert yet? Sorry but we really do love them.  Not that they are perfect. We have lost a couple of the covers: they fall off easily so we literally glued the strap to the body so we would stop losing them.

One of the cool things we are able to do (and this is not limited to Bushnell) is that with a steady hand you can take photos through the eyepiece with your smartphone.  It takes a little practice. An example is here...

As you can see, i'ts not bad and a useful trick for those days when you forget your camera or in my case here I forgot my memory card at home (again!)

But where we were really impressed and hence keep gushing about them is Bushnell's warranty.  A clip holding an eyepiece had broken -- nothing major but it was annoying.  Had a second one broke we would have been toast.  By now the binoculars were over two years old but we reached out to Bushnell anyway.  We were told that they come with a no question asked (no receipt required) warranty.  Just send them back and they would fix them for free.  So we sent it off. What Bushnell actually did was to send us a brand new pair. Incredible!!  We are now fans of Bushnell for life. How could we not be with service like that?  We have that piece of mind knowing that we are protected no matter what.



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indoor garden

Steve Owst

I’m guessing a lot of you have heard the term green thumb. Well I do not have a green thumb however I am exceptionally good at growing grass in the garden and populating it with a wide variety of weeds.  I know I am not alone in this skill.  Our garden does have six types of flowers though, but only one of them was deliberate.  We did make sure that we bought the indestructible type of flower (it is a Lupine) the type that will grow every year despite my best efforts at neglect, so at least some success there.  I just found out that buttercups are poisonous! It is a wonder I made it to the age I am now. 

The reason I mention this is that we have a garden so there is really no excuse for me not finding some plant seeds, reading a few manuals and planting garden seeds in the garden. Wrong. I know myself: I would start the project and I would lose interest when I do not see any measurable results quickly. So that is when we decided to turn our eyes to hydroponics -- an indoor garden -- something where I can switch it on feed it and then hopefully just reap the benefits as the plants grow.

So with that in mind, this is our story (so far).

A visit to our daughter and son-in-law's exposed us to the power of Hydroponics, in this case an Aerogarden Harvest.  Once home we dug deeper (note the cool pun) and with the power of our friend Google found that this was a PERFECT match.  I mean, listen to this:

  • Grow veggies, herbs & flowers 5 times faster than soil - no soil, no mess!
  • Up to 12" of grow height for herbs, lettuces, tomatoes & more
  • Easy-to-use simple control panel reminds you when to add water and plant food
  • Everything is included and looks nice and kept together
  • I calculated the cost of electricity to be just over 85c a month for us here in BC.

I could go on but honestly it grows everything for you; all I have to do is add water, food and light (basically turn it on).  Sounds too good to be true right? 

So here we go.  Time to order one and try it out.

We ordered our unit through our friends at Amazon and as Prime members received it in just a few days.


Inside the box was everything we needed including the unit itself, a pack of 6 gourmet herbs, 6 plant holders and 6 covers.  These small plastic domes apparently create little incubation chambers for the plants.  Also included was the instruction manual and plant food.


It didn't take long to be honest. It was pretty straightforward.  Once I had added the water and food it was time to find a spot for it.   Now I knew it would be bright, but it still surprised me.  It is VERY VERY bright.  So we found a corner of the kitchen for it and turned it on.  After a bit of experimenting we decided to have the light on during the night so we are not there to see it.  So as it stands it comes on at 6 pm and goes off at 9 am.  We are told this is OK for herbs as they do not need a specific night time.  Flowering plants though need a dark period, so something to keep in mind.  So now we wait...

Okay time travel time. Here we are 8 days later and something is happening!


Every morning now this is our first stop -- to see how our seedlings are growing. So far we have 4 out of 6 sprouting, the other two take a little longer according to the labels.  So there we have it!  Free herbs from our very own garden, plants that we should be able to harvest for 6 - 12 months and then we can replant them if we want.  I will update this blog entry as we go so you can see the progress.

We here at Birdly are now well and truly hooked.  So much so that we have created a whole collection for Hydroponics (Click here) which we keep adding to.

Stay tuned :o)

Click below for our current Hydroponic products



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Smart Birds, I had no idea

Steve Owst

My wife and I are great fans of bird watching. In fact we love the outdoors and many a day we can be found with other bird watchers searching for birds and studying the habits of our feathered friends.

Who would have thought that after growing up with sayings like "Bird brain" and considering it to be of a negative connotation, that it indeed should be a compliment.  Considering their size, and the amount of brain they have to work with, some birds have demonstrated how incredibly smart they are.

Let's take migration for instance.  Could you start out in Mexico walking and find the same pond in Alaska year after year without a compass or any other aid to help guide you.  People say it's in their genes, but does that make it any less an incredible feat? How about recognizing your partner among 1000 other bids that to us look exactly the same!!! 

One day we were wandering through the woods only to see a Killdeer standing on the path.  As we approached, the poor thing starting limping heavily and wandering away from us.  Now we were totally intrigued by this and followed to see if she was okay.  Then, up she pops takes off and lands back where we started behind us.  Turns out the little fella was a great actor and this was all part of an elaborate ruse to pull us away from her nest.  Smart cookie for sure.  Of course if she didn't lay her eggs on the path in the first place that would have been even smarter but that's another debate.

I must admit even though I love birds I never really considered them to be the smartest of creatures. That was of course until I read the "The Genius of Birds".  I'm not going to go into detail here but boy I will never look at a crow the same way again.  I've been outsmarted by raccoons before but some of the stories in this book are just incredible.

Anyway, enough., Don't take my word for it. Check it out yourself.  It's well worth the read.


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