Birdlys is a husband and wife team out of the west coast of Canada, it was founded due to our love of wild birds and all things related.  As avid Birders, we have for many years followed our feathered friends, getting excited every-time we add a new one to our lifetime list, reveling in nailing that awesome photo we are constantly chasing so it was a natural progression to turn our hobby into something we can share and hopefully profit from.

Our plan is to use this site as a goto resource for anything bird related, we are actively trying to avoid anything that promotes captive birds.  It is beyond us how some stores can call themselves bird lovers whilst promoting cages etc.  You will not see that here.  What you will see is many varied products promoting our love of birding, and as we go on we will no doubt fine tune our efforts to make this a focused resource.  Please bare with us as we find are way.

So thank for visiting, and an even bigger thanks for reading this.  Please feel free to reach out anytime using the contact page, we would love to hear from you.

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