Birdly is a husband and wife team on the west coast of Canada in Beautiful
British Columbia.

It was founded due to our love of the outdoors, wild birds and to promote a healthy lifestyle.  As avid Birders, we have for many years followed our feathered friends, getting excited every-time we add a new species to our lifetime list, reveling in nailing that awesome photo we are constantly chasing, so it was a natural progression to turn our hobby into something we can share and have fun with.  

Along the way of course we get to explore the province, meet incredible people and will hopefully be able to share our experiences as we go.  There are so many amazing local products as well and we plan on featuring the best of the best as well.

British Columbia is a beautiful part of the world, we will also be sharing

in the form of our blog some of our adventures and hobbies, stay tuned as we paint a picture of life and our beautiful garden which is BC.

Thank you for visiting, and an even bigger thanks for reading this.  Please feel free to reach out anytime using the contact page, we would love to hear from you.